Solo Christos: By Christ Alone

It is also important to us that everyone know that unless they have a personal, dynamic, ever growing relationship with Jesus Christ, that they are in fact not a “Christian” as the Bible defines it. Jesus makes it very clear within Scripture that He is the only path to heaven and that nothing else can save anyone from eternal damnation. Since Jesus is the only path to heaven, there is no other relevant or substantial gospel apart from Christ and Him crucified.

Jesus is also the ultimate revelation of God to mankind and therefore the Gospel is nothing short of the message that Jesus Christ was incarnate as both fully God and fully man, was born, raised as an average 1st century Jew, crucified although He had committed no sin, and was laid into a tomb. After 3 days He raised Himself from the dead, and because of this, all of God’s elect have the ability (through Christ) to be forgiven of all their sins and enter the kingdom of heaven to live eternally with God.

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