Is Discipleship Necessary – Luke 14:25-33

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Man is blessed when he trusts in God, but the nature of man is deceived and ultimately untrustworthy

“To empower men to reach their God-given potential in every realm of life through the power and grace of The Lord Jesus Christ. To help us become the husbands, fathers, leaders, citizens and role models God created us to be. To present to our families, communities, nation and world an image of men as God-fearing, family-oriented, moral, loving, intelligent, responsible and productive. To glorify The Most High God by walking in true Biblical manhood.”

– Chris Broussard

If Christians truly focused on what God has told them to do and obeyed, they would find a deep peace internally and a strong community, but because very few follow what he has called us to, many of us struggle to reconcile our identity in this world, love one another and grow spiritually.

Doctrine of sermon:
Christians must count the cost and be willing to sacrifice everything to be a disciple of Christ

Luke 14:25-33 Discipleship is not only seeking God, but doing so in the midst of trials, evil speech and the loss of those closest to us.

Christians must count the cost and be willing to sacrifice anyone to be a disciple of Christ

Loss of relationships is often the barrier that prevent Christians from discipling others. It’s not uncommon for Christians to accept the loss of friends in the process of sanctification, but it is a different story when they have to give up their families. Even rarer, is the Christian who is willing to give up his own brothers and sisters in Christ in being faithful to instruct them in righteous and correct them in love. (Matthew 19:29)

Illustration: Luke 9:59-60, Matthew 8:21-22

In regards to discipleship, we need to hear our brothers and sisters thoughts, concerns, successes and failures. We must listen to a matter in full before we answer. To do otherwise is foolish and can lead to numerous problems, but the greatest of these are unnecessary hurt and/or bad counsel. Even then, we may lose them in the end.

The fear of losing others often results in a loss of fellowship with Christ

Christian must count the cost before being able to truly be a disciple of Christ

People are not willing to set aside their personal treasures in order to invest in another

To count the cost means to fully evaluate in every area of your finances and your life what it may cost you in order to do something properly. Over the years of trying to disciple people, I have frequently run into a number of excuses for those who don’t disciple someone or someone who won’t be disciple. The most common of these are time, money, entertainment, pride (in being unwilling to humble themselves to another person instructing them and a refusal to be completely vulnerable and transparent)

Ultimately, what isn’t being said, but is being lived, is that these people would rather be comfortable and seek after the things in this world, than be humbled and grow spiritually.

Illustration: (Galatians 2: 1-5) Even Paul humbled himself to be discipled and corrected in his deepest convictions. He understood the necessity of humility. Anyone can be wrong.

We won’t always have answers for ourselves or for others. Sometimes, this is because God hasn’t revealed it to us. Sometimes, it is because we need to seek the counsel of another believer. If it’s the latter, it should not be done in shame or embarrassment, but with joy. In that situation, both the one being discipled and the one discipling have an opportunity to learn more about God and to grow.

Discipleship is not always an easy process. It can be lengthy, difficult for the other person to grasp, frustrating to answer the same questions and take time for the one being discipled to figure out how to walk out God’s word without stumbling. Discipleship takes time, patience, love, grace and most of all God’s wisdom in order to know what we should be teaching/be taught. Also, we should remember that our focus is on Christ. Not the one discipling.

Christians must count the cost and be willing to renounce all things for Christ

Discipleship is commanded by God in Matthew 28. This discipleship that God calls us to may cost you everything.

In the end of counting the cost, you must consider that your faithfulness to God’s commands could result in the same suffering and persecution the early church faced. Loss of all respect from the people of the community you live in, people speaking evil of you, physical harm, an abandonment of a comfortable life and the “American Dream” and even death.

Illustration: 2 Timothy 2:12-13

Regardless of what we may lose in the process of making a disciple or being a disciple, we must keep in mind that it is not without reward.

Redemption: That reward is nothing less than eternity with Christ in Heaven. The place where our discipleship will become complete and we will never suffer loss again. No more tears, no more pain, no more abandonment, no more hatred or rage, no more being dishonored and slandered. Perfect and complete fellowship with God who knows and loves you perfectly and believers who will be able to do the same.

Before I conclude, I would like us to look at a few passages of scripture, that give us an insight into discipling:
Galatians 6:2, James 5:16, 1 Corinthians 3:1-3, 1 Corinthians 11:1, 2 Peter 1:3-9, James 1:5


Doctrine of Sermon: Christians must count the cost and be willing to sacrifice everything to be a disciple of Christ

Application: Commit yourself to invest your life in at least one person for the next 6 months and see what happens. They might grow by leaps and bounds, they might utterly fail, but regardless of what happens with the other person, you personally will have grown and THAT will never fail.