About Breathe Church


Though there are many churches in the Pikes Peak region, very few of them adhere to the historical confessions or traditions of the Reformed faith. Breathe Church exists as a response to the need for greater doctrinal concern and right worship.

The mission of Breathe Church is to make disciples by calling people to follow the biblical Jesus. We trust the Holy Spirit to change people's hearts to follow Christ through the proclamation of His gospel and the practice of Christian worship. We focus on verse-by-verse preaching, worship through song and prayer, and administration of the sacraments, which are the Lord's Supper and baptism.

It is not our intention at Breathe to equip the few (clergy) who are called to a particular mission field, but rather to equip the many (laypeople) to be ministers to others in their own mission fields, that being primarily in the Pikes Peak region.